Monday, November 16, 2015

Upcoming meeting info

Just a heads up for the upcoming meetings...

We will NOT be having a meeting in January 2016. Some schools are not back in session that week, so we know people may be away. Also, Mother Nature sends a snow storm every time we have a January meeting planned and we then need to cancel it anyway!

Check outs in December will be for TWO MONTHS! Carriers will not need to be returned until the February meeting on Tuesday 2/2 at 9:30am.

Any carriers that were checked out from December-February will need to be cleaned prior to being rechecked out. Please come to the February meeting to see the carrier, fill out the paperwork and pay the deposit/membership fees, and then you can coordinate for later pick up.

Hope to see you 
Tuesday Dec. 1st at 9:30am
for our last meeting of the year!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

November Meeting!

It's no trick, the November meeting is almost here!
Meeting is Tuesday Nov. 3rd at 9:30am, check the meetings tab for info.
We hope everyone has a fun and SAFE Halloween!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Embrace Your World with IBW 2015!

International Babywearing Week is just around the corner. IBW 2015 kicks off Sunday, October 4th and runs through Saturday, October 10th. This years theme, "Embrace Your World", really captures the essence of babywearing. Babywearing allows us to embrace our babies while we face all that life throws at us.

Embracing Our World Together!

Every day, we embrace the world we are in. We embrace our babies, our families, our communities, our challenges, our adventures, our friends, and each other. Babywearing groups like DuPage Slingers were started by people embracing their love of babywearing and wanting to share that experience with others. Let us embrace the world together with these fun activities we have planned for Babywearing International Week:

Sunday - October 4th
Let's get wild at Brookfield Zoo! With ALL 4 local northern Illinois babywearing groups participating, we will be taking over the zoo! Enjoy the zoo with friends and family, and then meet up for a babywearing group photo. Find out more about the event on Babywearing International of Chicagoland's Facebook event page.

#EmbraceYourWild with us on facebook: Share babywearing pictures and stories of babywearing "in the wild". Camping, hiking, or just in your living room... what does #EmbraceYourWild mean to you?

Monday - October 5th
#EmbraceYourLove with us on facebook: Show us those little ones you love to wear! Share what you love about babywearing.

Tuesday - October 6th
Join the babywearing community at our monthly babywearing meeting. Meeting starts at 9:30 am, same time and place as usual. See the meeting tab above for details and address.

#EmbraceYourCommunity with us on facebook: Introduce yourself! There are so many of us in the facebook group, so let's get to know a little more about each other!

Wednesday - October 7th
#EmbraceYourAdventure with us on facebook: What adventures have you had while babywearing? Share where babywearing has taken you or where you hope to go!

Thursday - October 8th
#EmbraceYourOptions with us on facebook: What carriers have you tried? What positions? What did you love or hate? Let's explore the pros and cons as well as the many options available to you.

Friday - October 9th
#EmbraceYourFamily with us on facebook: Show us your family! Share how babywearing helps you embrace your family.

Saturday - October 10th
#EmbraceYourDay with us on facebook: How does babywearing help you get through your day? Show us what every day activities babywearing helps you do.

Celebrate with Babywearing International

Babywearing International has their own fun activities planned! Participate in their national events online:
"Join in the festivities online by participating in our International Babywearing Week Facebook Group, liking our Facebook page, following IBW on Twitter (@babywearingweek), Instagram (@intlbabywearingweek), Periscope (@babywearingweek) and using the hashtag #IBW2015.  We’ll have fun activities (including daily carrier giveaways) throughout the week, beginning with a Twitter party on Sunday October 4th!"

Other Adventures

There are other BWI groups in the area that also have events planned.  Check them out for more activities!

Babywearing International of Chicagoland
Babywearing International of North Central Illinois
Babywearing International of South Chicagoland

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We want to thanks Beco for their generous donation of a Gemini and a Soleil, with the infant insert, to our library! 

We know a lot of caregivers have been curious about Beco carriers and we're glad to be able to offer these. They will be available to try on and check out at the September meeting, which is coming up fast! 
Tuesday September 1st at 9:30am, please check the Meetings tab for location information.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July Meeting!

Hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Fourth of July and that babywearing helped to make your holiday a breeze!

Don't forget this Tues, July 7th @9:30am is out monthly meeting.

We're really excited to announce our most recent donation of a TODDLER TULA in Prepster, will be available for checkouts on Tuesday. We know that so many of you have been interested in this carrier and greatly appreciate Tula's generous donation. 
If you're interested in buying, please don't forget that A Baby Naturally, a local family owned store, carries a wide range of Tula products!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

June meeting!

Oh my goodness, time flies when you have crazy weather and go through three seasons in a week!

June meeting is this Tuesday, June 2nd at 9:30am! Come get tips on warm weather wearing, investigate a new carrier or just to socialize!

Location info in the Meeting tab.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Meeting!

Man, time flies when there's beautiful spring flowers blooming!

May meeting is Tuesday May 5th at 10am,
check the Meetings tab for location info.

All the beautiful new carriers will be available for trying on and renting!